Dutch based photographer with a passion for capturing beauty in stills.

Photography has been my passion since I was young. I was walking around with a camera in my hand taking all kinds of pictures. One day I made a picture series of a close friend of mine. She is an international model and showed the pictures to her agency. The same night I got a call if I wanted to do a shoot for them. That’s how this journey started. Within half a year I was a full-time photographer with my own studio. Soon I was hired by a hairdresser to make pictures for an international contest. We became third. I was shocked and in awe. That really launched my career.
Since then I did a wide variety of impactful photography jobs where I always loved to work together with all kinds of creative people. I’m always aiming to get to a higher level. I keep challenging myself to go out of my comfort zone and learn new things about photography and high-end retouching.
When I’m shooting international top models one day, and shooting for a small start-up with my feed in the mud the next. That’s when I know I have the best job in the world.

High couture and exclusive hairstyles. Models are art when it comes to beauty and fashion. It’s fascinating to be an essential part of the creative process, which results in capturing perfection. Supported by professional gear, great lighting and attention to detail, Together with a team of professional artists we create the most beautiful compositions and stills.

Portraits are personal, intimate and very pure. The human body and face are extraordinary to me in every way. It’s my passion to capture the glance of a personality and identity in a vulnerable and open way. I want the picture to speak. That’s what real perfection is to me. That’s why I avoid using filters.

The diversity of different businesses intrigues me. It’s my profession to capture others passions. I love the contact and personal vibe that business photography brings me. Giving insight, telling the brand story and representing businesses with stills that give the brands that extra ed

High-end retouching with ultimate precision and subtlety is my expertise. Pure makes a picture beautiful. Using software like Photoshop on a professional level makes every image a project and can take an image from good to perfect and sometimes even beyond perfect. My starting point is to keep an image as natural as possible, but always wanting to create this undeniable wow-factor. That’s why I say: Making perfect even better.

Creative ideas shouldn’t just stay creative ideas. That’s why I am always working on art projects. It gives me the opportunity to work together and learn from other artists in all kinds of disciplines. Below you can see pictures from a recent art project with make up artist Darien Touma. At this moment I’m working on a cookery/table book together with a writer and a graphic designer. The book is about the citizens of my hometown with their recipes. We portrait the citizens in writing and pictures with their story and their recipes.

Making pictures and editing them is my passion. With every shot I capture a little piece of history.


Petra Holland